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I really enjoy when insig


I really enjoy when insightful videos about the original Blair Witch Project are randomly recommended to me.

This one gets rather exhaustive on how imagery in the initial scenes reinforce the theme of the film.  It honestly gets rather listy, and suggests that the film was much more controlled and intentional than was let on.  Which I think is a valid insight, but not the extent of which is implied in this video.  I really like what it means for themes and how it relates to author intention.  

I believe the film creators when they say that it was a frantic week of filming.  I don’t believe they had the time and energy to pay attention to every detail, especially when most of the camera work was handled by the actors themselves, who I do believe were kept in the dark about much of the film.  

I think this shows how ingrained the base theme and backstory was, and how they were able to pass on this intention to the crew, allowing them to subliminally capture images that reinforced the themes.  Like how they didn’t necessarily need to actually recommend that interviewees dress in black, because the theme of found footage already favored high contrast visuals.  They likely didn’t need to choose and place specific Halloween decorations, because it’s a natural decision to set a creepy movie around Halloween and filming on location means many places already had decor set up.  Not saying it was coincidence that they circled an interviewee with flying witches, or had  a black cat appear on Heather’s shoulder, but I don’t think it was meticulously planned.  

Having clear themes and intentions decided in the beginning of production allowed for creative supporting opportunities to naturally occur.

I’d be interested in taking an exhaustive look at one of the many films of the 2010 era that clearly had a poor time reinforcing theme, and see what can be gleamed of the clarity and intention put forth by their creators. source:

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