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Ive always been a critica


thumbnailI’ve always been a critical person and I’ve been trying to be less so, but I’ve got about 30 years of experience to walk back on. I’ve been lucky enough to float around friend circles of a number of very, umm, un-critical (?) people, and I get to learn bits and pieces from them. Part of the problem is I’ve always thought it to be smart to be critical, but clearly that’s not entirely true and I’m not as smart as I thought I was.

Harsh reviews of bad media have fallen out of fashion lately, and despite my internal claims to being an independent thinker, I’m still right there with the mainstream trends. I’m loving modern reviews that are like “x is terrible, but I like it because…”

Minimme is excellent at this. Their videos are more specifically about shining light on underrated or relatively unknown games, but the games are usually in that category because they’ve been panned by audiences for some reason. This makes the reviews very complete and balanced feeling. Not necessarily because they are balanced, but because the biases are clear.

Minimme is very clear why Alone in the Dark is a bad game, but is very objective about that, and about what the game has done well. They do this from both a personal perspective and by comparing to other relative games. It makes it very understandable what kind of audience the game is for. So not only is it a great review, but the air of appreciation is infectious. I, for one, do not want to play the game, but dang, some of those features are downright inspiring. Maybe I could try it? Well, at the very least I’ll try hunting down a Lets Play.

I’m loving the good vibes that are bringing about encouragement. That’s what I want in my life on a personal level. I wanna see the critical aspects of things, but I want to be more upfront and excited about the positives. Everything just kind of dies when the focus is on the critical. Even if you get decent advice with the critique, it’s not encouraging to try again unless you’ve got some clear positives to build off of. I want to learn to be more positive.

As Minimme says, “Get yourself in a forgiving mood.”


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