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Jun 15, 2021 • Less than a minute read • #ginger bug #food #pellicle #kombucha #drink #snack #update

Ginger Bug Scoby


I’ve had my ginger bug on the counter for a month, maybe two. It stopped producing bubbles after a couple weeks, but it tastes fine so I kept it going in hopes it would bounce back. Well, it probably bounces now.

I pulled a very nice looking pellicle off of it today and… it’s tasty. Much softer and fruitier than the pellicle’s off my actual kombucha.

I’m pretty sure that this is cross contamination, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of definite ginger bug information out there. Does kombucha bacteria like ginger? Maybe. This pellicle grew in, maybe, two weeks. It really took off when I put an airlock on the bottle. Does Kombucha thrive in a low oxygen environment? Does Ginger Bug? The answer may shock you. But I don’t know it.

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