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Sep 29, 2021 • 1 min read • #canada #reconciliation #orange #shirt #day #covid #vaccine #politics #thoughts #truth_and_reconciliation #first_nations

Truth and Reconciliation Day

Tomorrow is Truth and Reconciliation Day.

I had a friend ask what that was, so I told him about the bodies from Residential Schools, and how that was just the tip of the iceberg. He said “Wow, now that’s proof that the government is out to get us. It’s really us vs them.” Now, I can’t speak to priority of class issues in my friend’s background, but I can say that for white upper-middle class Canadians like me, we are the Them in “us vs them”. We can point the blame at our government and churches, but they were still our government, and our churches. Our inaction has caused just as much destruction as the actions that were delberately designed to destroy.

Now the narrative is often being shifted to how vaccines are the governments new weapon of choice. And it’s true that medicine has been weaponized against visible minorities in the past, and still today, but as far as the covid vaccines go, our wealthy and privledged have been the first in line to get the vaccines and we’ve been caught giving expired vaccines to first nations people. That’s not a narrative that victimizes my people. It’s the same narrative of us taking from those that need it, then trying to cut off access before they can get it.

I really want to do, and be part of something better.

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