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Nov 2, 2021 • 3 min read • #covid #corona virus #privledge #healthcare #human_rights #thoughts #me

Covid Conundrum

My boss often jokes that he’ll end up in a covid concentration camp for not being vaccinated, but it’s pretty clear that he thinks that is a real possibility. He’s definitely not the only one I know to consider vaccines and passports comparable to the holocaust, but lets be real: the absolute worst the vaccinated can do to the unvaccinated is vaccinate them. There’s no point rounding up, capturing, or murdering the unvaccinated. The most dystopian thing that could happen is police restraint, then a shot in the arm. I’m not condoning that, but that’s the worst that can happen to the unvaccinated. Then they’re back in the same boat as the rest of us.

“Oh, but it’s about government control. They’re hiding the facts of natural immunity so that global heath industries get rich off us being sick.” … Okay. I wish we wouldn’t waste breathe on vaccine talk when that’s the real issue. Being suspicious of authority isn’t a bad thing, but this talk has some very hard to swallow points. It would require secretive, inside-job, double agent type work in competing private companies, congruent public firms and universities across the globe to come up with vaccines that aren’t actually supposed to be effective and false journals that all support the same narrative. The independent organizations would need to coordinate their discoveries with each other, while keeping their workers, students, researchers, and subjects in the dark about any evidence that doesn’t align with their goal, while making personal sacrifices to keep up the facade so that a few people at the top can reap the supposed benefits… of which also are not very clear. Power. Money. Oooo. Enough said, I guess?

People have always loved to talk about these types carefully crafted tyrannies. Whether it’s your jerk-ass boss at work, or the parents of a rebellious teen. If we don’t get our way, it’s easy to think that the people in charge want to harm us. But we know what major oppression, segregation, and genocide all look like in the real world. Especially these days. They all involve outsider groups who can’t change who they are, and typically shouldn’t need to. Visible minorities, the sexually and neurologically diverse, the poor… anyone who doesn’t fit into our economic system. Incidentally, these are the groups who will be least likely to access the resources needed for natural immunity techniques to supposedly be effective.

Did you get that, you oppressed unvaccinated? Your definition of oppression is being in the same situation as everybody else, while your solution automatically disadvantages the groups of people who are actually already oppressed.

Otherwise, natural immunity is literally what we’ve been doing without vaccines, and its killed 5 million people in less than two years.

Where I live, we’re kind of at the point where it’s like, yeah, enough of us have been vaccinated that I don’t believe we can reasonably do better. I can totally get behind the fact that our society isn’t nearly nuanced enough to handle this situation in a satisfying manner, and I do think we need to keep looking for other options, but don’t be the tool who actively fights to push us all backwards. It’s exhausting and makes no sense.

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