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Feb 19, 2022 • Less than a minute read • #fascism #politics #stanley kubrick #quote #clockwork orange #thoughts

Kubric on Those Detecting Fascism

“Mr. Hechinger quotes not one line, refers to not one scene, analyzes not one theme from the film—but simply lumps it indiscriminately in with a “trend” which he pretends to distinguish (“a deeply anti‐liberal totalitarian nihilism”) in several current films. Is this, I wonder, because he couldn’t actually find any internal evidence to support his trend‐spotting? If not, then it is extraordinary that so serious a charge should be made against it (and myself) inside so fuzzy and unfocussed a piece of alarmist journalism. Hechinger is probably quite sincere in what he feels. But what the witness feels, as the judge said, is not evidence—the more so when the charge is one of purveying “the essence of fascism.””

-Stanley Kubrick

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