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Sep 3, 2022 • 1 min read • #me #thoughts #quiet_quitting #antiwork #responsibility #employment #freedom

Lies of Quiet Quitting

Canadians and American’s are often vocal of how they love to support freedom, yet many of these most vocal proponents are very directly pro-slavery. Our society has a movement corruptly labled as “quiet quitting” and is considered “anti work”, but the definition of that action is to do no more than what your job contracts. That is the very basis of employment. We’ve normalized the basis of work to be a form of “quitting”.

In fact, it is the moral obligation of anyone who supports freedom to oppose working more than what a job contractually entails, and of course for employers to ask no more. Admitedly, in many mundane ways this can be bothersome, but these obligations are amongst the only ways to keep power on the side of labour. To do otherwise normalizes uncompensated labour; that is slavery.

Employment enables freedom by trading labour for needed material resources like food and shelter, but at a point once freedom is enabled and stable, one begins trading their own freedom for resources that no longer support it. You can’t trade freedom for more freedom. Anyone who considers themselves on the side of freedom against slavery should be striving to strike that balance before employment becomes slavery; and spread freedom enabling resources as wide as possible.

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