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Jan 3, 2023 • 3 min read • #recommended #youtube #game #soma #thoughts #communication #getting older

Here's a New Video About Soma


Soma is old news, but it’s a deep enough game that it’s often worth checking out a new take. Soma is also very good at explaining itself so new takes are typically very similar to the old ones. This take is just as adequate and thorough as any good summary before it, but something in the intro caught my attention. “Soma is a different game (…) based on running, walking, and hiding (…) It’s one of those games you buy for the story.”. Dude, why don’t you just call it a Walking Simulator?

I guess they were making the video for people who might not be familiar with Walking Simulators and such concepts that I’ve learned to take for granted. I’ve noticed this potential jargon reboot a couple times now. Especially in media communities where young people are easily attracted, and I think I’m in the midst of another generational shift right now. Anyone who’s existed long enough anywhere gets to experience when the new generation moves in on their turf. Ironically, or at least in my case, it’s a one way feeling. Pursuing an interest into new territory never feels like you’re invading someone else’s space… Unless they make it feel that way.

I’m trying to become more aware of this trans generational interaction because I’ve definitely done this to older people and it always sucks. It feels alienating when a new person enters a space with vague questions on technique and meaning, you have those answers, but any attempt to impart them is received with dissatisfaction, disbelief, and disconnection. It’s a basic communication error that I see echoed in any situation where an answer is given, but no matter how correct, it is simply lost on those who can’t anticipate how to receive it. For example, I’m part of an art community that intentionally uses a very limited color palette and newcomers always seem to ask “Why can’t we use different colors?”. The answer is: because the existing colors are based on luminacy rather than hue, so even though they look dissatisfactory as simple solids, they are extremely versatile when paired with other colors in the same palette. I can say this to every new person who asks, but as it is a group setting and I have no special authority, inevitably someone else will echo their frustration and they will bond over continuing the question and seeking to change the system rather than putting effort into understanding my own response.

It’s very easy to get stuck on this experiential communication divide, and I do, but however correct I feel, I’ve seen the situation enough times to know that it’s often these new and ignorant people that take established mediums into new and exciting directions. Which I then can profit from the renewed accessibility. Like how I grew up begrudging traditional art, but new digital art techniques eventually made the medium more approachable and appreciable. Plus, as I’m becoming a member of the older generation, being able to take account of these patterns, I think the onus is on me to make it teachable. I don’t feel like I’m going to be very successful in that endeavor, as I have yet to find the words to make my shared passions graspable to newer generations, but it’s nice to at least put into words of my own medium. Then maybe someone new will stumble across it and refine it. Inevitably they will only grasp enough to feel as to feel they don’t owe any credit, but that’s how it goes, I suppose.

Anyway, the video isn’t about that, but I felt the themes of copying vs transfering information, and relentless ignorance were a good connection.

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