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Apr 7, 2023 • 1 min read • #dreams #phone #thoughts #me

Mobile Dreams


The meme said it couldn’t be done, but I finally had my cell phone appear in a dream, and I hope it never happens again. I caught a call just as it was going to voicemail, and the message was hilarious so I gathered my friends to listen to it, but everytime I hit “play” the message was something different. It was essentially just playing whatever was on the radio. So everyone was annoyed at me.

Now I have a theory why phones don’t appear in dreams (often): they’re too multi functional. In my dream the cell was only a cell when I answered the call, then it became a traditional phone when I was trying to navigate the answering machine, then it became a stereo when I was trying to share the message. I guess a palm sized screen is too complicated for my brain to keep track of what’s going on and stay asleep. I didn’t question the changing devices until I woke up and remembered dreaming that I looked at an incoming call screen screen, pressed tactile buttons, then spun a volume knob. So it seems my brain conjured up whatever best fit the the narrative intention.

(Terrible place to start doing video blogs, but I wanted to capture a better sense of me in my space. Once again, sorry for starting with me still in bed. I will dress better in the future, I just thought it was approriate given the topic. Will see how long I stick with this.)

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