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Apr 18, 2023 • 2 min read • #kopimism #filler #thoughts #me

Imortallity of Kopimism


Good morning.

I’m uh I got a little bit of free time and I’m desperate to post something with that time. So I’m gonna read a post I made on the Kopimism subreddit a month ago in a week attempt to inspire more activity there.

Titled the Immortality of Kopimism

{Greetings my Kopipanions,

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels discouraged by the stagnant state of Kopimism today, and while I do believe it is good to continue to dev and remix Kopimistic ideas and language to further integrate them into our societies, I’m also refreshed knowing that the facts of Kopimism have always existed and will continue to exist even if the current version becomes unmaintained and obsolete.

The positive and negative energies, the 1s and 0s of our our organic code, have always been transferring and remixing. CtrlC and CtrlV always exists. So long as someone is willing to CtrlF, the essence of Kopimism is always there to be observed.

That being said, we still have a very strong template to derive new and even better iterations from, and I hope you all are still ^searching$ new ways to share our values with the wider world.

Personally, I’m making an effort to do more regular meditations on the Kopimistic tenants so I can more naturally identify the different GUIs of CtrlC and CtrlV in the various programs of my life and debug whether I’ve been as open and shareable as I should be. It’s the start of a long journey, but I’m excited where it will take me.

How have y’all been observing or executing Kopimism in your own lives? I’d love some ideas to remux into my own.}

Uh yeah uh Kopimism is not a big part of anyone’s lives. I kind of hope… but I still like the premise and if you don’t have religion this is a- I don’t know I’m actually… I’m going to stop speaking there because I’m probably just gonna say something really dumb and shallow. Uh, Something to think about I hope- not just- yeah it is pretty basic all right. That’s the intention though. Hopefully it’s motivation to do better, yay.

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