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Oct 22, 2023 • 2 min read • #me #thoughts #sex #sogi #sex_education #childhood

Awakened history via SOGI trending topics

With all the recent SOGI protests and counter protests, I’ve been doing recollecting of my own childhood sexual education. I’ve concluded that relying solely on family values while growing up left me feeling problematic and socially stunted, and broader sexual education at a younger age likely would have given me better personal awareness and growth. I don’t mind talking about the spicier aspects, but I probably shouldn’t in a public forum.

What I can say is that my earliest sexual experience (non explicit. Chill.) is being young enough to be seated in the top of a grocery cart, and not being able to keep my eyes off the beauty magazine covers around the grocery checkout. Then being mocked and feeling ashamed for it.

I don’t think there’s anything particularly negative about the way that single situation was addressed by my caretakers, (I want to point out this wasn’t my parents) it certainly wasn’t intentional to make me feel bad, but acknowledgement of my awareness of sex was few and far between; and always, at its most positive, awkward. I’ve never learned to control my internal desires, but I quickly learned to hide them.

I got thinking more about this due to the line in a Regrettes song: “I was kissing girls before I ever kissed a guy”, and I used to think “That seems pretty common for girls to find safety in same sex experiences before becoming interested in the opposite sex”. After more thought I’ve come to realize that I do in fact have the same experience.

Even before ever going to school I have had spicier same sex, same age, ignorant -but not non-consensual- sexual encounters. I’ve never really acknowledged it, even until recently, because all the sexual education I received was based around hetereo sex and complete abstinence. “Kissing is bad, mmkay, and don’t let anyone touch you in ways you don’t want to be touched”; completely made my brain skip the sexual experiences that didn’t involve kissing and were touches I liked. In my earliest memory it was definitely women in those magazines that grabbed my attention, but that’s what they all were selling.

I don’t know what kind of experiences I’d have if my introduction to sexual awareness wasn’t through misogynic capitalism, but I’m now of the firm belief that even if SOGI values existed when I was in school, while more beneficial they still wouldn’t have been progressive enough to meet my needs. If Anti-SOGI people really want to have a benefit on the sexual culture of our society then they should stop wasting effort on attacking our social band-aids and target our patriarchal commodification of women.

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